Paris-Tours evolves !

June 28 th 2018 - 17:31

Past winners of Paris-Tours are equally split between sprinters and attackers capable of surprising the peloton with a powerful late-race charge. Nothing is written in stone, but there will be more possibilities for the strongest attackers starting in the next edition of the race. The start will take place in a familiar setting after the large turnouts in Chartres in 2015 and 2009. The race will then head to Bonneval, which has been the long-time start city of Paris-Tours Espoirs and the windy plains of Beauce. However, the changes made in the final 60 kilometres will be ideal for a lot of movement and plot twists, with the addition of several roads through vineyards to the route. The peloton will negotiate the narrow trails through the vineyards and cope with the discomfort of the calcareous trail surface. This will make for more strategic possibilities… provided power accompanies finesse!

The race will still be decided on the avenue de Grammont in Tours, but this year riders will arrive after the new Kilomètre de Paris-Tours women’s race.

The details will be announced on September 5th during a press conference in Tours.


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