Beyond sport, it is only natural for Paris–Tours to encourage people to move around on bicycles. It aims to make a positive impact by inspiring all those who can to bring cycling into their lives… The potential is huge: 60% of trips in France are over distances shorter than 5 km, but only 4% are on bicycles!

On top of this public service goal, Paris–Tours is fully invested in a project to make its organisation more environmentally responsible every year.

 Sustainable mobility

The organisation's vehicle fleet is making the transition to electric mobility. All the vehicles that make up the fleet, 50 in total, are plug-in hybrids.

An ecoresponsible approach

  • Collection zones: riders will have 6 collection zones at their disposal for the items that they have discarded, which will be cleaned up by the organiser.
  • Natura 2000 areas: Protecting the environment and safeguarding biodiversity are major concerns for the organisation of Paris–Tours. The Biotope consultant firm has been supporting the organiser since 2011 by assessing the impact of the race on the Natura 2000 European network of special nature protection areas. In 2023, the race will go through 5 such areas.
  • Label: well aware of the importance of sustainable development, Tours developed a "Sustainable Sport Event" label awarded to organisations that make the 5 following values their own:
    • acting sustainably;
    • preserving our heritage;
    • contributing to local vitality;
    • showing solidarity and setting an example; and
    • evaluating actions.

Tours has awarded the "Sustainable Sport Event" label to Paris–Tours since 2016. The label recognises the steps that ASO has taken in its cycling races to promote sustainable development and cycling.

Dictée de Paris-Tours

600 students aged 9 to 11 took part in the third edition of the Dictée de Paris–Tours end of september. The winners will get a special ticket to watch the Queen of Classics.