Riley Sheehan : "I couldn't believe it"

October 8 th 2023 - 17:40

"Yesterday, I was just happy to be back racing in France. [To win] I couldn't believe it… I had no expectation but I knew we had a good team. In the final, we had the good numbers and I knew that I can try. It's super special for me [to be the first american to win Paris-Tours]. It's a really hard time in US with the lack of big races. This year, I wanted to prove for myself and for people in the US that we are still good riders. We can still make it over to Europe and hopefully more riders can follow. This morning, I did not wake up thinking I would win. I knew in all the gravel sectors that I had to be upfront, stay cool and calm. It was a warm day for october. In the final hills, it was full gas and I saw a good moment before the dirt. From there, I didn't look back, I went in the good group. Everyone worked together and we went to the line. I started as a junior doing cyclo-cross. For sure, that's definitely helped. I love the dirt roads."

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